R&C Structures

R&C Structures, Inc.


R&C Structures, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Mark & Nancy Santar. R&C Structures is a Class A licensed, bonded and insured contractor, who specializes in the installation of sewer manholes throughout several counties in Southern California. R&C Structure’s crews work closely with all customers to ensure a quality finished product that enhances value to all projects. R&C prides itself on that aspect and strives to complete our jobs in a timely manner, with all the options any city would be requiring. From T-Lock welding to exterior coatings, R&C can get the job done. Contact Rick for more information.

Nick Kay, Manhole Builder

Nick Kay has worked for R&C Structures for thirteen years. He worked hard to learn his trade, and in no time, was on his own. Nick quickly earned a great reputation with both customers and inspectors. They can rely on him to notify them of any potential problems, prior to installation. This knowledge and experience avoids costly extra charges and/or poor workmanship. We often have customers request Nick to come and pour on their project. Nick takes pride in what he does, and it shows in his work everyday. When not building manholes, Nick enjoys weekends in the desert, riding motorcycles and driving sand cars with his wife, daughter and good friends. Two additional hobbies, are working on bikes and buggies, as well as recreational shooting.