Mark Santar’s grandfather, Joe, an emigrant from Yugoslavia, arrived here in 1920 and began to earn a living for a growing family by building brick manholes. Born into the general engineering construction tradition, Mark continued that tradition, working as a youth on underground utility projects in Orange County. With years of practical experience, Mark and his wife Nancy, then moved to San Diego County in 1970 and started to build a company with a single specialization: precast concrete sewer manholes.


As the company grew in acceptance and stature, becoming in less than 10 years the specialist in the County, Mark saw a further service available to contractor clients: ready-mix concrete. Why not make the same quality control concrete, carefully supervised by Mar-Con personnel in its production of manholes, available to the contractor in the form of a consistently high quality concrete ready-mix. The idea was implemented into reality in Mar-Con’s 10th year of business.